2018 Bethlehem Farm Application

  • The 2018 Spring Break Service Trip is to Bethlehem Farm in West Virginia! The trip is March 25th - 31st, 2018. There, we will help rebuild homes of Appalachian families. We will also be introduced to the Farm mission, which was formed on four pillars: community, spirituality, service, and simplicity. Through this immersion, we hope to engage in active service, build relationships with those we meet, learn about social justice and find ourselves in a new and growth filled experience. We hope to love our neighbors and fall deeper in love with God in the process! We are so excited you are here and interested in coming on the trip. You don’t need any experience of service to apply, simply come with an open heart and mind. The cost of the trip is $175 for the week. However, there is potential to lower this price if you help with fundraisers. That will be explained below. What you pay will include the registration fee from Beth Farm, all meals, rental vehicles, and gas. We understand that it is difficult for working college students to pay the $325 it actually costs to go to Bethlehem Farm. So, we have requested and received additional funds from the university. However, all members interested in going are expected to help fundraise too. Fundraising will work like this: everyone will be required, as a team, to help with one fundraiser. Then, we give you the option for three more. If you attend these extra fundraisers, we will discount your price $25 for each one. Therefore, you can pay $175 or as low as $100. Your full payment must be paid by Feb. 22nd. The main fundraiser this semester will be Christmas Caroling at the Newman Christmas Party, Wednesday 12/6. The other fundraisers will be in the Spring Semester. All of that being said, scholarships are always available if needed. Talk to Fr. Nick or Lucy for more information on that or for any questions! Their emails are frnick@cncumsl.org and lucy@cncumsl.org . Lastly, by coming on the trip, you also commit to a few preparation meetings in the Spring Semester. There we will bond as a team and learn about how we will serve. That should be all. Thank you for your interest! We can’t wait for you to experience it! :) NOTE: this application will take you 15-20 mins to fill out. Once you begin you can't save it and work on it later (sorry-- not that advanced yet). So please give yourself the time to complete it! THANKS!
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to apply to this trip. Staff will be in touch with you within the next few weeks. Peace to you!