Social Justice Month is usually 3 weeks in March focusing on different aspects of justice. It’s a time when the Newman Center takes a time out to examine how we affect the world and how we can bring awareness to and aid our brothers and sisters around the globe and in our own neighborhoods. It is a unique opportunity for us to learn from those we serve.  

Past Causes for weeks that students have chosen were:

  • Homelessness Awareness Week: With a ShantyTown and Soup Lines in the Nosh
  • Hunger Awareness Week: Hunger Banquet
  • Capital Punishment Awareness Week
  • Fair Trade Awareness Week
  • Environmental Awareness Week: Climate Change Warnings
  • Criminal Justice Awareness Week: Prison Ministry
  • Immigrations Awareness Week
  • Migrant Farm Workers Rights Awareness Week
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Week
  • Social Responsibility Awareness Week
  • Poverty Awareness Week

Each week includes an expert speaker or movie on the topic, information tabling in the MSC

to spread awareness, and an event such as a service project, fundraiser, or educational simulation.


More details for events coming soon, check back then!