Social Justice Month 2015:  Homelessness & Hunger 

March 2015

Social Justice month is a month devoted to exploring, learning about and taking action around a specific social justice issue of our times.  This year we will be focusing on Homelessness and Hunger, specifically in the St. Louis community.

Check back for specific events and ways to get involved.

To be a part of the planning team, contact Janelle Miller at


Past issues focused on during SJ Month:  

  • Homelessness Awareness Week: With a ShantyTown and Soup Lines in the Nosh
  • Hunger Awareness Week: Hunger Banquet
  • Capital Punishment Awareness Week
  • Fair Trade Awareness Week
  • Environmental Awareness Week: Climate Change Warnings
  • Criminal Justice Awareness Week: Prison Ministry
  • Immigrations Awareness Week
  • Migrant Farm Workers Rights Awareness Week
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Week
  • Social Responsibility Awareness Week
  • Poverty Awareness Week