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Tie-Dye Night

Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014, 5 pm

Pro. Ho. Front lawn

In need of some fun of the rainbow variety?  Come tie-dye T-shirts, socks, bandanas, etc.  We’ll provide the dye and a free T-shirt for the first 60 people. Don’t miss it—we’ll be in the front lawn of Provincial House.  Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Tales of Freshman Nobody: Coffeehouse and Stories

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 7 pm

Calling all first year students!  Come to the CNC for a fun night of story sharing, coffee (or tea!) drinking and hanging out.  ‘Veteran’ UMSL students will share their own embarrassing and fun stories of being a first year student—you get to sit back, listen and remember that you’re not alone!  Enjoy coffee and refreshments, meet other new students as well as a great community of new friends.  Come early (6:30 pm) for a free soup dinner!  For more information visit our website: www.cncumsl.org

Great Getaway

Friday, Sept. 5, 5 pm – Saturday, Sept. 6, 3 pm

Meet at CNC; travel to Babler State Park

Need a break from school already?  Want to meet some fun, like-minded friends?  Join us for an overnight at Babler State Park for games, reflection, good food and a chance to get away.   Register HERE.