Community 13

Great Getaway

Friday, Sept. 5, 5 pm – Saturday, Sept. 6, 3 pm

Meet at CNC; travel to Babler State Park

Need a break from school already?  Want to meet some fun, like-minded friends?  Join us for an overnight at Babler State Park for games, reflection, good food and a chance to get away.   Register HERE


Triton Awakenings 2014

Friday, October 17, 4:30pm to Sunday, October 19, 3:45 pm

Meet at CNC; travel to retreat center

Awakening simply is one of the best weekends you’ll have in college.  An opportunity to break away from whatever is stressing you out, the retreat is focused on fellowship in faith as you become closer to Christ.  This retreat is open to everyone, so please, invite your friends! It’s the perfect weekend for anyone searching for something in their life.

Register HERE