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Social Justice Series is held during the spring semester. It is devoted to education, awareness and action around various social issues.

Social Justice Series

We welcomed two Daughters of Charity for a discussion on “Seeing God in the Poor”. The Daughters of Charity are a community of women who devote their lives to serving the poorest and most abandoned individuals in today’s society. They minister in the everyday worlds of the poor and the marginalized while living a life of humility and simplicity dedicated to charity. Today, there are about 16,000 Daughters of Charity living and working in more than 90 countries throughout the world.

Past issues focused on:  

  • Homelessness Awareness Week: With a ShantyTown and Soup Lines in the Nosh
  • Hunger Awareness Week: Hunger Banquet
  • Capital Punishment Awareness Week
  • Fair Trade Awareness Week
  • Environmental Awareness Week: Climate Change Warnings
  • Criminal Justice Awareness Week: Prison Ministry
  • Immigrations Awareness Week
  • Migrant Farm Workers Rights Awareness Week
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Week
  • Social Responsibility Awareness Week
  • Poverty Awareness Week
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