Service 14The Newman Center strives to serve our local community and to open the eyes of our students’ to the needs of those around them. We volunteer almost every month (usually on Friday because most students don’t have classes that day) with various organizations around the St. Louis Metro Area. If you would like to be placed on our Service Friday e-mail list, send your name and e-mail address to If you join the e-mail list, we will alert you to upcoming service opportunities a few weeks before the event. 


Service Friday in the Ville! 

Friday, Sept. 19th, meet at the CNC at 10 am

Give back and learn about your St. Louis community through this experience of service and fellowship in the Ville neighborhood. We’ll be joining up with UMSL alum Matt Hubbard, learning about the neighborhood, and working in the community garden that he helps sustain. Join us for a great day of volunteering! Sign up at Newman or email Janelle: