2015 International Service Trip Application

  • The 2015 International Service Trip is to Nicaragua, the week of July 12th- July 19th, 2015. This is the Catholic Newman Center's first international service trip and is part of our celebratory 50th year on campus! We will be working with an organization called Hand in Hand Ministries. To learn more about them, please visit their website at myhandinhand.org/immersion-trips/nicaragua/. MISSION: Through this immersion, we hope to engage in active service, build relationships with those we meet, learn about social justice and immerse ourselves in a new and growth filled experience. Participation in this international service trip involves the following. COMMITMENTS: -participation in a fundraising campaign called Crowdfunding through UMSL that will begin in early February and end in mid-March. All members of the team are expected to participate, as we hope to raise enough money to cover the cost of the trip. This participation involves fundraising meetings pre-launch, as well as fundraising efforts during the campaign itself. -about 4 preparation meetings where we will learn about the project, the city and country where we will serve, the Social Justice Teachings of the Catholic Church, pray together and get to know one another as a team. Dates TBA. COST: a $300 deposit; $100 secures your registration, the remaining $200 is due Jan. 23rd. We hope to raise the total cost of the trip ($1800) through the crowdfunding campaign. If we do not, participants will be responsible for the difference. After we receive your application you will hear from a Newman staff member for further conversation. Thanks for applying!
  • Please take your time in answering the questions below. You can enter the answers here or give Erin a document with your answers. Your thoughtful responses are important to us in discerning the right team of people to engage in an experience like this.
  • -I must be at least 18 years old at the departure date. -I am in good physical health. -I will make my payments by the prescribed deadlines. -I have adequate medical health insurance. -I am in good emotional and mental health. -I will not drink or possess alcohol for the entire trip. -I am able to cope with a variety of possible situations, such as encountering the very poor and living simply. -I will live harmoniously in a Christian/ Catholic community. -I am willing to be flexible. -I will make myself accountable to the group leader's judgement in issues of appropriate behavior (both culturally and morally) on this trip. -I will be an active participate in all activities of the team before, during and after the trip. (participant meetings, fundraising efforts, post-trip meeting) -I am willing to challenge myself and others. -I am willing and able to participate in the service work requested and any other activities that may require physical exertion (such as walking long distances, construction work, heavy lifting, etc.) -All final decisions regarding the trip and its participants will come from the CNC staff.
  • Thank you for applying. The deadline for submissions is Friday, November 21st by 5 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you have any questions, please contact Erin: erin@cncumsl.org, 314-385-3455.


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